DJ B-Love

By Kathryn Unterberger Successful entertainers always study what is in demand so that they could...

By Vicissitude / March 3, 2015

“Up Into The Attic”

By Abraham Tejeda     New York City is world class in its nightlife attractions;...

By Vicissitude / March 2, 2015

Couture By Calley - Revisited

By Kathryn Unterberger     Couture by Calley, a successful women’s clothing line...

By Vicissitude / February 28, 2015

Indie Film Spotlight - March 2015

By Daniel Patlan “The Next Dance” Starring Danielle Curiel and Jonathan “Lil’ J” McDaniel Directed...

By Vicissitude / February 20, 2015

Neem's Themes: March 2015

By Nimer "Neem" Basha   You Deserve ONLY What You Paid For I want you all to answer this...

By Vicissitude / February 19, 2015

Spring Make-up Trends: Expect the Unexpected

By Andrea Cirillo   Budding flowers and sunshine are right around the corner as spring...

By Vicissitude / February 18, 2015

D&J: Lionesses of Beauty

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