Killer Mike Delivers Justice

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It’s easy to categorize today’s contemporary hip-hop as everything it is and is not.  Heavy with sentiments of scantily-clad girls performing provocatively to a man’s delight and guns blistering the steamy night air of a hot city saturating the first thoughts and impressions of both ignorant rap snobs and clueless hip-hop lovers, it sometimes takes a rare mind—let’s say an extraordinarily enlightened one snuggled gently in a 250-pound man with a teddy bear body and a preacher’s voice—that refreshes all the misconceptions and ill-conceived ideas of hip-hop.  And though the name may deceive you, Killer Mike intends to innocently inform you the only way he knows how: R.A.P. Music.


 Read the rest of this feature in the May 2012 Issue, coming out on April 29th!

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